Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to my project-a new kitchen

I am about to remodel my kitchen. I have posted pictures of the old kitchen and let you know about the plans for the new kitchen. I already have in my garage half of the cabinets and the new Bertazzoni stove, it's backplash in stainless steel and it's hood. Also in stainless steel. Soon, the garage will have a new box, a Bertazzoni 24" wall oven which will sit under a countertop. It's just for bread making.
Sounds silly huh? An oven just for bread. I do some serious bread baking here.
Decisions are still wandering out there on countertop material and flooring. My tendencies are to use Wilsonart countertop that resembles granite and tile for the floors. I live where it rains all the time. Two small grandsons live here and three wienerdogs. All run outside and drag in dirt or mud and who knows what else! My kitchen is the first room you walk into. It's a country kitchen which means we eat in the same room. It's presently a G-shape and it will be a U-shape when we're done.
Any comments?

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