Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aprons & Wallhangings

I had to make an apron for Halloween. It's made from a vintage-style print filled with jack-o-lanterns, bats and moons. I've backed it with some orange fabric filled with "eyes"--multiple rings of white, black, lime green, purple. Gaudy and just right!
Culling the sewing room yielded some great finds--two autumn and Halloween kits meant to be completed using the fusible web method of application. It's been great fun working on them. They'll be finished with a great edge-stitch found on my Pfaff.  Great traveling projects as I'm often waiting for hubby during jazz festivals. I call them "Hurry Up & Wait" Festivals. After performing, he's trapped by many people wanting to talk. I leave him to them and go back to motor home. Now I have a fun thing to do! We'll be in Montana. Going a little early to see what's left of Glacier Nat'l Park. I've heard there's no glaciers to be seen. The camera's coming along to verify this.
And, a trip to the Wheat Montana store----love their flour and I've heard the baked goods to be purchased there will be worth the trip.
And,  a trip to the local quilt shop--duh. What kind of mischief could I possibly get into there?

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