Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being Healthy

I just treated myself to gorgeous storage and a healthy diet. I've semi followed a Mediterranean diet but since last fall added way too many bad carbs to my house. Crave them and I'd love to shake them for good. I signed up for the Sonoma diet online and will gladly pay for any help I can get from this. My health is worth it. I'm sitting here looking at two cinnamon rolls purchased for the grandkids. Whew! Is this horrible logic or what! What on earth do they need these? Of course, it'a a bloodly excuse for me having cinnamon rolls.
Back to the sewing scene. The Bernina Nova is now running so smoothly. The oil has reached all it needs to and it's truly purring. I've seen a photo of the lime green one. What a cutie! I'm taking this little beauty to the workshop on Monday.
The storage solution I've come up with is a 16 hole cubical which come in high gloss red at IKEA. Son will be picking it up and putting it together today. So excited. It should hold all that I now have in boxes. I purchased the cloth boxes with handles yesterday along with a comforter. I slept without experiencing any shivers for the first time last night. Is my house cold? I now know it was. It's their level #3 and it's almost too warm. Not complaining.

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