Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canning and Baking--weather's perfect!

Tomorrow is the last day I'm doing apples for awhile. I've been using a recipe called Apple Preserves. You chop tiny chunks of green apples. They are cooked for awhile in a large saucepot until soften. I use a potato masher to squish some, actually most of the apple chunks. They form a lovely jam texture. Add sugar, boil, then pectin, boil, take off the heat, add cinnamon and nutmeg and you have the loveliest apple pie jam. It'll have lots of little chunks still left in it which is why it's called a preserve. I'll make my third batch. Kids and grandkids are nuts about it so I figured I better make more. Sounds like Christmas gifts to me!
I also found a template for some sticker sheets I found on Amazon. Made of Kraft paper (like paper bags). I love to make some decorative stickers for my jam jars. Did some up for the Apple Preserves and some future canning of pumpkin butter to be done this fall. I was on a roll with the computer so I did all I needed at one shot!
Tried out a new bread recipe. It needed help or perhaps the person who developed it made this recipe during the winter when the flour reacted differently. I adjusted it until it became a workable but soft dough and kneaded it a lot, both by machine and hand. It baked up to be a wonderfully delicious loaf. I'll have to make notes on the recipe card so it can be reproduced. My grandkids are nuts about rye bread. That's next.

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