Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's cooling down

We haven't had a long stream of rain in a couple of months. It was such a soothing sound to hear the rain fall. I may not feel this way in a few months, but right now, the sound was fantastic.
When I arise, my favorite thing to do is to brew a cup of coffee and sit on my back porch and listen. I hear, unfortunately road noise,  birds chirping and my favorite frog doing his loud grunting. I'm sure it's a frog making this funny noise because I've found him and heard him up close. We have little green frogs in the vegetable garden, but this one hangs out in the porch garden. My dogs join me to sunbathe or just hang out. If a squirrel or crow should come near, they become the objects of chase. My dogs are hunters, known as dachshunds. Two of the three hunt very well, the third, well, he just barks and heads for the house.
The birch tree is now shedding its leaves which to me is the sign that fall is slowly creeping its way back. I love fall: cool morning,warm afternoons, rain, and football. College and pro footbal reigns supreme here. Hubby is a former football player and he loves the sport.
Oregon football season begins this Saturday!!!

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