Thursday, October 24, 2013

Live Jazz Band in the house tonight!

My husband has been a band director. He's also a musician. He plays tuba, string bass and trombone. He has reunited his former group known as the Evergreen Classic Jazz Band and they will be here tonight to rehearse. They've got a live performance in November. No one call me tonight. I won't be able to here you. If you came to my house tonight and wanted to talk to me, I won't be able to hear you. Thanks to some new windows we put in 5 years ago, we won't be disturbing da neighbas!
They are also coming to eat first! A wonderful pork stew in in the big crockpot, herb and garlic breadsticks are on the menu. Little pumpkin cakes are dessert.
Meanwhile, I've set up a sewing station in my bedroom. So much to do this holiday season. And, as usual, I always think I can do it all.........don't know what I would accomplish if I didn't think this! NO TV tonight--again--I wouldn't be able to hear it. The band has seven musicians: trumpet, trombone, clarinet/sax, banjo, piano, drums and tuba. Trust me---that's a lot of sound.
It is always with great joy to prepare for them. The music this group makes is so fantastic. And, it is so rare to hear.
The three four-legged critters that live with us will bark at first, then settle comfortably on their beds in my bedroom and happily spend their evening with me. They, too, love the music.
I think hubby's chewing something--oops! He's got a lot of music he's thrashing through!

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