Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big Boo Boo

I'm happy to share with you some very good results. My hubby and son spent many hours redoing our dining room table. The top never had much of a finish, so they sanded it and put many coats of polyurethane on it. They've become extremely protective of this renewed table. It's oak and well worth preserving.
Well, today I spent making new pattern pieces from a very ancient pattern. I traced the pieces with a pencil and than had the brilliant idea to outline the patterns with black permanent marker pen. That way, I thought, I could scan them and copy them for back-up pieces. Great, huh?
It never occurred to me the ink would bleed through the paper and permanently marked my gorgeous table, which it did.
I vaguely remembered something on the Web about removing permanent ink. I did the Google thing and yes, there were many choices. I happened to have some baking soda toothpaste but any toothpaste will do, and baking soda. Made a paste of both and using a plastic-no-damage-scrubber, the marks slowly disappear. Some were very dark. They're GONE!! Goody for me--I'm not in trouble.
Other suggestions were WD-40 but the toothpaste-baking soda idea seemed right.
So, if you're off doing crazy stuff like I did, you know you can Google for help. Or, just ask me!

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