Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Wedding

My daughter's wedding was last Saturday. We had visiting relatives since last Thursday. It was a perfect wedding, great weather, lots of very good food, dancing, fun music. All the items I made for the tables looked great. My daughter looked stunning and so beautiful. We drove our son's vintage Pontiac Tempest so he could be there.
Here's daughter, Ginger, posing next to the car
She chose a barn setting and the reception was held in a tent. Using red picnic tables, one theme color was set. I made burlap table runners lined with off-white lace. Dozens of crepe paper flowers made of turquoise, red and red and white gingham were spread over the tables. Topped of with some sea glass blue jars leading up to the centerpiece Ball turquoise jar, red lid, firefly lights, red roses and white baby's breath.
You can see a bit of the decor. It was time consuming but fun. So happy how it made the tables look. Food was plentiful and so delicious. Loads of photos to come. Daughter and new SIL are off to the honeymoon. I have grandkids and grand dog named Chewy. He's joined the pack and is doing so well. Being gramma and spoiling grandkids is my best job.

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