Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Everything more beautiful....

This picture and words seem so appropriate right now. No matter what is going on in your life, you can set about and look or create some beauty.
I was shopping the other day in a hardware store. I had to buy some gardening supplies and happily went outside in the rain to look at their plants. Off in the corner was a small pot containing a carnation plant with a few tight buds. The buds looked purple. A tag called the flower "dark pink." My grandmother's favorite flowers to grow were carnations. A huge smile came across my face as I thought of her. The plant came home with me. It's whole association: thoughts of home, making leis with my grandmother, the scent, the flowers I could see in my head..... Its been carefully replanted into a larger pot. It sits on a stand where I can see it from my dining room window. It's my kind of beauty.
Seek what makes you smile. It it isn't around, make it. Once you grasped the idea of surrounding yourself with beauty, your style of beauty--magic happens. I guarantee it.
Spring has been slow to arrive here in western Washington. Rain is now being replaced with showers. more sun and warmth is in the forecast. So needed. Weeds are easier to pull because the ground is so wet. There are a few plants coming up in the garden beds. I chase whatever sun that emerges out from behind the clouds. I immersed in its rays and want to drown in them.
Go find something beautiful.....

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