Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seeing red

Have you ever wanted to own a Ferrari? A bright red Ferrari? I bought the Bertazzoni 36" dual fuel range not just because its burner configuration is perfect, powerful and yet it can actually simmer, its oven with its true European convection system, its stout build, but I could actually have it in red. Yes! Red. I've always wanted to walk into my kitchen on a gray, rainy day (which happens way too often here) and feel the warmth. I've also picked a Dijon mustard yellow for the walls. The cabinets are a natural cherry, adding more red to the room. It's a dream come true playing with these colors. The stove is actually painted in a plant that does the Ferrari. If only they'd send the car instead of the stove! Actually, right now, I'd take the stove.

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