Friday, May 7, 2010

Cabinets and demolishing

More cabinets were ordered after finding a contractor who had a whole set for sale. We needed to complete the order to fit my kitchen. Creating a larger U over the G that I currently have we had to increase some cabinets. And, boy! do I want drawers. So my larger cabinets will all have drawers. We're also putting in an island. The west wall is going bye=bye and we'll have an extra 6" of floor space. Enough to put in a 3' x 5' island which will be covered with 14 gauge stainless steel counter top. The west wall will also house my "baking center" along with a pantry.
It's a wonderful feeling to see a kitchen stripped of its inards and be able to recreate without changing the roof line. I have a limited budget.
Demolition is scheduled towards the end of this month. We'll have to set up a portable kitchen outside. The refrigerator is going into the garage where it will stay until it dies. It's being replaced by a counter depth style refridge. Walls will come down, new sheet rock, partial new ceiling, then painting. Yippee!

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