Friday, July 30, 2010

Canning time

I pulled down off the wall my copper jam pot. It was time it went to work. I'm developing a BBQ sauce using apricots. We bought 26 lbs of them to make jam, eat, sauce and pies-little ones.
The apricots weren't quite ripe but I made jam with them anyway. I like the flavor the jam has.
Now I'm experimenting with a BBQ sauce. I'll post the recipe that I'll settle on. It should be fantastic on a pork shoulder roast done in the crockpot. Who wants to cook on these great summer days?
I'm also putting to use one of my large Italian glass canning jars to make refrigerator pickles. An on-going pickle jar sounds good to me. Enjoy these little pickling cukes while they last.
The two Bertazzonis are doing a superb job no matter what I'm cooking. I think I'm so overly impressed because I had such bad appliances before. The repair guy finally came to fix the door handle on the new refrigerator and spotted the red Berta. He just said, "WOW" and wanted to know how I found out about the cooking machine. Research, research, research. That's what I do! If anyone wants any info, just ask me. Back to the cooking machine.

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