Monday, July 19, 2010

Amazing Bertazzoni

I have been a crazy cooking fool the last couple of days. I baked a pie, casserole, and brownies. Tried both Bertazzoni ovens. Did french fries in the baby Berta using convection. The fries were like they were deep fried, very crisp. I'm not use to ovens working well. My old GE is on its way to the dump. It's not worth selling it to anyone. I don't wish it on anyone. I don't care how desperate someone is, it is not worth owning. Today, I do bread for the first time using the 5 minute a day method with baking stone and broiler pan with water. Everything is organized so well in this kitchen that I'm so enjoying doing anything in it. I'll post pictures when the walls are completely done. The dining area is what is not finished. Everything is done in the kitchen. I've been using the stainless steel covered island so much. Being in the middle of the kitchen, it's useful from any angle. I had to have the trim below the cabinet taken off so that the KitchenAid can move in and out of its parking space. It looks perfectly normal as it it the microwave home.

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