Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Day

Today I am saying is the first day in the new kitchen. The Elkay sink arrived double-boxed from eFaucets and steadily hubby and son figured out all the nuances of the sink, new faucet and dishwasher hookup and by nightfall, water was flowing and no leaks! All is well. Every element of a kitchen is now up and running.
We have two remaining issues of repair. The Samsung refridgerator 's door is loose. It is missing a part. We are day three waiting for the repair company to call. They are not ringing my bells and, trust me, I've called them. The door keeps falling off. Annoying to say the least. And, the shaft that covers the pipe in the range hood was too long for our ceiling. It went to US Sheet Metal to be cut, then it'll be back to be installed. The shaft is a decor issue not functional. The Samsung door is just darn right annoying.
I am so amazed at how the kitchen turned out that I'm overwhelmed by how everything worked. To go from a graph paper design to actuality and to have it all work out--whew! A minor adjustment was made yesterday under the microwave cabinet. The under cabinet trim was removed. The only real glitch was the KitchenAid not fitting under this trim. It measure 2.25 inches. Out of the 18" between the countertop and the cabinets, 16.5" is taken up by the KA. But with this large a trim, no can do. I decided to take the trim off that cabinet because it sticks out anyway. So the area underneath it became the KA's home.

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