Friday, July 9, 2010

Long time coming

Weeks have gone by with the cabinet contractor, then the counter top people, then the appliance installers, more counter top people. Now we're just waiting for a sink. How hard is that? A sink. I couldn't go down to the HD or L people to buy a sink. I wanted a one bowl, stainless steel, one hole sink, decent gauge, not 22. Can't buy that around here. I had to order it. I did, in May. It arrived in early June damaged. I just had it picked up to go back. It's been a waste of time dealing with the company I ordered it from. They now just informed me that I either agree to a replacement or a credit for the amount. No refunds. ARGH! I already ordered another sink to replace this one from another company. I want a refund. They were extremely lax in telling me their return policy and now I'm informed about the refund policy. So learn from my sorry lesson, ask about policies. I didn't expect what horrible customer service from them. I was ignored for over two weeks. So, of course, I went elsewhere to purchase a sink. Think about trying to use a kitchen without a sink.
You keep using paper plates, plastic spoons, forks and knives.

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