Friday, June 11, 2010

Contractor Arrives on Tuesday, June 8

We quickly engaged the contractor, Don in wiring. What a bees nest. He keeps finding issues. He keeps correcting issues. He costs $55.00 an hour. It makes me nervous. His main duty is to put in cabinets. Has a cabinet been installed? Today is Friday. We may start cabinets on Monday if........there aren't any issues. Right now he's found some stray voltage and can't trace it to correct it. The day isn't young. I knew there would be problems. No remodel occurs without problems. We're just getting into them.
Yesterday I didn't attend a quilting fun day with fellow quilting sisters because I was given the info I had to sign for the new sink coming Fed Ex. It came , no signing required. ARGH! And, upon inspecting it this morning, it has a damaged corner. Just took some digital photos to send back to the people we bought it from so it can be returned. I cried a little. It's gorgeous and damaged.
Wanna see it? There it is with its dented corner. It's a large one hole sink, 10" deep. We'll just get another one and not wash dishes for awhile. It's going to be awhile anyway at the rate we are going. Without cabinets, you don't have countertop people or flooring people come over to give estimates or make templates. Anyone know of patience pills?

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