Friday, August 13, 2010

Still canning and baking

I just can't stop fussing around in this new kitchen. Today the clock arrived that I ordered online. I thought it's description said a 10" diameter , it's more like 30" in diameter. Whew! Big daddy!
So, instead of a lovely floral picture, it's dominating the wall across from the dining table and we'll never be able to say we don't know what time it is. It's an antique-looking clock, very, very red with black Roman numerals. I love it. Just didn't realize it's true width and height. We'll live with it for awhile as hubby keeps muttering about its size. I haven't been able to come up with an affordable painting or poster to put there. I'll have to create it and that will take some time. I'm in the Halloween quilt and wall-hanging mode, so floral creations will have to wait.
So far everything that was planned on how the kitchen would operate and run is on track. Careful planning was the key. It still amazes me how it all came together and how well everything works.

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