Friday, October 8, 2010

New flour coming home

I am too excited. Hubby is in Kalispel, Montana and called me from the Great Montana Wheat Store there. He's buying me 20 lbs of Prairie Gold wheat, considered their best seller. Bought a container to keep it fresh. Actually it'll probably get used up before it could ever go stale!
So I'm collecting favorite recipes and some new ones. Has anyone made Pumpkin Whoopie pies? I'm going to. I saw that the filling is made with cream cheese. Just thought it was pure marshmallow fluff. There's some in it, but it's mostly cream cheese. I'm hooked. Cream cheese! You actually bake pumpkin cakes in the shape of cookies, allowing 3 inches between for spreading. I know the grandkids will enjoy these. We're having a football get-together before Halloween and I'm considering making small dessert items and having a few choices. I'd like recommendations for soup recipes. Fall themed, of course. If anyone's out there, tune in.

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