Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sewing Room cull

I'm always culling the sewing room. That is what I'm now calling the sewing room. The room holds two computer systems, printer and teapot, 1 longarm machine, 4 sewing machines set up on two large tables, 1 embroidery machine, several large book shelves, several shelves holding boxes of fabric, cutting table and whatever else is around: rulers, paint boxes, etc, three notion carts, thread dresser, on and on. Are you overwhelmed yet? I am. It shouldn't have all this stuff in it but my daughter and grandkids moved back in and are occupying the rooms I had a lot of this stuff in. Whew!
So, I have a plan. Some includes getting rid of things in there and a lot of rearranging. Once done, we should be breathing better and able to function better. And, I've culled some antique Singer sewing machines that I treasured but do not have the luxury of keeping as space has become premium. The four sewing machines that are up cannot be dealt with. They are stayers and used frequently. I've been studying how other people arranged their spaces and will employ many of their techniques.

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