Monday, February 28, 2011

One cataract down

Last week I had cataract surgery on the left eye. I'm now between two different sights. Typing is a bit problematic. We'll get through this. I could read the writing on the Guide on our very large TV screen for the first time. It's a big deal!
Discovered something very Greek last week. The Parade magazine in Sunday's paper had Molly Ringwald's recipe for Tzatziki. It's a winner. Made me want to buy a yogurt maker. I had to wait until I actually four cups of yogurt. The moment I buy yogurt, the grandkids eat it. Reason for buying a yogurt maker. It does take patience, which I lack, to make Greek yogurt. It has to drain and to make tzatziki, you drain it again until you almost have cheese. I used an English cucumber and hacked half of it, threw everything in the food processor. Not what Molly said to do. I didn't shred the English cucumber as I suspected it's dry enough not to water up the sauce. This sauce is to die for. Flavor beyond any sauce I've had before.
It's bloody snowing again. We just don't get snow this late in winter here near the Puget Sound. My house is up about 500 feet so we're getting snow. What a mess! Need to go shopping today for food. Rats!

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