Monday, May 23, 2011


I now own a fabulous APQS Millennium. Does anyone want to buy a Liberty? She's just the baby version of the Millie. Anyway, the Millennium is on a Bliss system and moves so smoothly you can barely feel the weight of the machine. Fantastic! I been quilting some tops to send to people in our country who because of weather have lost everything. I've also returned to practicing quilting designs by doing them first on paper. Once the muscle memory is there, it is so much easier to quilt on the machine. So if any newbies are listening, do the work on paper first. Unless you like making lots of muslin doggie blankets, just go for it.
Cooked a new version of pulled pork yesterday. Cooked it in Dr. Pepper. Yes, the soda. Diet version. Can't say that it made it more flavorful or moister. It just tasted good. Will enjoy more today. The Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce made it taste even better. Just wish they wouldn't use the HFCS junk. I'll now have to write to them. I write to every company trying to get them to stop using HFCS. It's horrible to your body. Just plain junk.
Eat veggies and fruit.

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