Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pfaff acqusitions

Ages ago I had bartered with a couple to trade a roll of silver dimes for a Pfaff 130. I loved that machine but it had been oiled with some bad stuff and eventually froze. I was quoted an enormous sum of money to unstick it. I now know how to do that and itʻs quite easy. Iʻve missed it terribly so I sought out a couple of years ago to replace it. I like making bags out of cotton canvas and heavy denim. Though my Bernina can handle it, I move slowly when I have used the Bernina. I remember the Pfaff plowing through heavy canvas like it was butter. Well I finally found one. Not totally ready to start sewing for me but not bad. Itʻs going to visit my great sewing machine tech guy Steve. Once it passes through his hands, Iʻll put her to work. Meanwhile, I was whining to a friend of mine and she offered free a Pfaff 362. Itʻs supposed to have as large a motor as the Pfaff 130 but I donʻt actually know what size motor it possesses. I do know it plowed through 6 layers of light denim like butter. I may give it a workout tomorrow. It easily handled a purse with some heavy canvas, no problem. I feel so blessed to have these little darlings as I know they are ultimate quality simply not found in machines today.

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