Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Butter & Birthday Planning
How come you're not quilting today? Did some yesterday. Made an 1800's doll quilt Christmas style. Very cute. Need to hand quilt it. Tomorrow perhaps.
My daughter and I took the grandkids to the Pumpkin Patch. I think everybody was there. Whew! A whole lot of people were there. I was after Sugar Pie pumpkins. I'll be baking them this morning and pureeing them for future use. I know I can't can them but the freezer will house them until we eat all. I may be buying more Sugar Pie pumpkins. And, I won't be going to the Patch.
I made Pumpkin butter using maple syrup as the sweetner. You don't taste the maple flavor. It was a great recipe, Again, you don't can it, you freeze it. I used the crock pot to do the cooking. Six hours later, you have pumpkin butter. Can hardly wait to make it from scratch and taste the difference.
Grandson Kenny is having a birthday soon and many folks are coming to party. Chili and cornbread are on the menu. Haven't figured anything else out yet. Help! I may make a pot of pumpkin soup. I love that soup. I love eating soup this time of year anyway. After our very long hot summer, fall came bursting in and it feels weird to be cold.
Today is a great day to make my Herb and Cheese bread. It's almost a quick bread done with yeast, lots of herbs and whatever cheese you have handy.

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