Monday, June 17, 2013

50th Reunion Festivities

My trip to Hawaii was amazing! I donʻt do the heat very well and the humidity. Both were high and I sweated the entire time. Thank goodness where I stayed there were the trade winds were blowing and fans going in the house. Each evening there were events to attend, people to reconnect with and fun times. I loved every minute. Went for a drive over the Pali Highway, loved the scenary, the coolness of the height of the drive and the view going over the pass. Kailua was a fun place to reconnect with.
People were so hospitable eveywhere I went just as I remembered growing up. Classmates I knew well were greeted with hugs and kisses, others as well.
The Memory Book was huge and troublesome. Printer made some errors, a bio left out, but otherwise it was enjoyed by the class members. All I see is months of work. Someday Iʻll appreciate it more.

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