Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

We have much to celebrate as Americans. We need to reflect on our freedoms. People have died so we can enjoy the life we have. Honor those who have gone before us, treasure the people around us, and give back to our country anyway you can, however you can. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger. You have no idea what that person is going through, what kind of life this person is leading. A friendly smile could make a huge impact, maybe no. Do it anyway.
We are a land of immigrants. It doesnʻt matter when our ancestors came here, unless youʻre a native American, your relatives came from a different country. Mine immigrated here from Ireland, England, Portugal and I am proud to say a native American, a Hawaiian. Iʻm actually proud of it all.
So BBQ tonight, blow off some fireworks and have a great time remembering where we all came from.
Canning some pickled onions tomorrow in memory of my grandmother, whose parents came from Portual. I loved her dearly and will love every bite of these onions thinking of her. How great is that?

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