Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fresh Cucumber Salad

I found an awesome recipe for fresh cucumber pickle salad to be kept in the fridge. It was posted on Facebook and itʻs on the menu today. Youʻll need 7 large pickling cucumbers, several sweet onions and a red bell pepper, two quart canning jars, white vinegar, pickling salt and garlic. You can add your favorite spice, but in my house, itʻs garlic. Youʻll also need a couple weeks to let it sit and blend flavors. I know some of you will cheat. Itʻs OK. I donʻt wait either. Itʻll also keep in the fridge for two months.
Iʻll post the recipe after I try it out. Just hope our local farmers market has some pickling cukes!

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