Friday, January 10, 2014

New Vintage Sewing Machines

Sadness rules here! I did a bad thing and ordered a couple of sewing machines that needed to be shipped. Neither arrived as they should. Both are relatively heavy darlings. One wasn't packed very well and we lost its case. Machine is great. She's called "Princess"
Number 2 is a Kenmore 158.1410 and I was intrigued by this machine because of it's heavy duty motor, its compactness, and it's very unusual throat plate. It is pictured with its two spool pins. It arrived with the broken off spool pins in its case along with the one red felt piece. Why it was shipped to me with this problem, I don't know. I can fix it with some trouble, but geez--who needs this.
I'm dealing with the people who did the shipping. All will be resolved soon. Meanwhile both will get a good bath, oiled and lubricated where applicable. Then we'll do some crazy stitching. They will be my lovelies.

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