Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Kenmore 158/1410, Singer 301 & Scones

My little darling that arrived needed some parts, a lot of TLC and some hard core wiggling. I don't think anyone has cared for or used this machine much. I cleaned her thoroughly, pulled out a lot of gunk. Oiled her up and did a trial test run. She's very quiet now, stitches a beautiful stitch but didn't know how to zigzag. So I moved the stitch width lever, tried each stitch and wiggled the needle bar. Once enough TriFlow was running thru its parts, it finally began to zig zag and do its stitches. I sewed 2 items with it today. It runs like a champ. One more vintage machine, a neglected one, out of our dumps. One more problem, the feed dog lever doesn't want to move, but we're working on that. It'll probably free up tomorrow. Letting it soak overnight with some TriFlow.
Will be cleaning and oiling my Singer 301 tomorrow. It's been sitting and needs to be run. Don't need it to freeze up due to neglect. This is a really fine sewing machine. If you ever want to own a vintage Singer, this one should be on your list.
It is a slant foot machine but don't let that discourage you. Many attachments, feet, etc. are readily available. Love the way it stitches. So it'll sew up a mini quilt I'm working on. A 9-patch 1800's style. Can't hardly wait to get started.
Tomorrow morning's menu: luscious scones with cranberries and almonds
With coffee, of course! Well, maybe an egg to be healthy. I heard you won't get hungry and will lose weight if you eat something sweet with protein :-) Does this count?

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