Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pressure Canner revived!

Thanks to a wonderful company called Cooking & Canning, they helped me find a model number and parts for an ancient pressure canner made by Presto, sold by Sears. Sears was no help. Without a model number, you get nowhere. I can understand that but why not help a customer do some research. I've been weeks trying to figure out my canner. I took some digital photos with a measuring tape and sent them off this afternoon. Not hardly an hour went by and I received the info I needed. So I'll be using this big darling later this spring and all summer. Here's what it looks like now with it's old pressure regulator. I'm replacing that along with a new vent pipe.
I'm having the pressure gauge checked but I'm installing a weighted gauge system to replace the jiggler you see in the back. This part isn't made anymore as they have better ones. My hole that this jiggler fits into will take a new vent pipe and then on top will be a pressure regulator. We'll be modern! A new sealing ring and we're all set. I don't often get excited by such parts but I love to bring old things back to life and this canner will be fully functional.

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