Monday, March 17, 2014

Boiled Egg Adventure

I love to read other blogs. Thank goodness I do! One lovely person shared how she makes boiled eggs. She doesn't boil them, she steams the little buggers! I had to try it.
Found my stainless steel steaming pot, put about an inch and a half of water, it's about a 2 quart pot. Put 9 eggs in the steamer basket. Covered it and allowed it to steam for 20 minutes. I'm using large organic eggs.
Voila! The eggs were completely cooked, soft and the yolks a pure yellow. No grey ring, nothing but that beautiful color. They taste very creamy. I am now so sold on this method. Find your favorite pot, make it a steamer, buy a steamer. Do whatever! She used a bamboo wooden steamer. Didn't have one of those. My small metal pot did perfect.

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