Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bread Adventure

I have been so enjoying all these new methods being shared by professional bread bakers and home bakers. My most favorite recipes that I've tried make two loaves. Once I saw a particular pot on sale--I saw my chance of baking the two loaves at the same time. The pot is clay, an Emile Henry 4 quart pot with a delicious recipe for Boeuf Bourgignon. It's in French but I do remember enough of that language to decifer the recipe. Here's the pot:
It's red, of course. It'll bake my bread along with my 4 quart Lodge pot. I have never liked the idea of heating a pot to 450ยบ, removing it from the oven, plopping the dough in, etc. The usual no-knead method. King Arthur Flour bakers have tried the cold pot method. The bread bakes longer but the pot is so much safer to handle. You will be removing the hot pot cover, but putting on two gloves meant to handle this, just remains an easier method. The bread is truly artisan, crust chewy, taste: totally awesome. Using organic flours make this bread even tastier.  When the family visits, one loaf is not enough. Tonight I'm adding some herbs from the garden and cheese to the recipe. Tomorrow, we bake the bread.
I would love to hear from other bread bakers about the no-knead method. So far, my adjustments have been proofing the yeast, even though I use SAF instant yeast. Proofing it allows the dough to rise higher, and doing some kneading, also, allows the dough to rise higher. Let me know what you think.

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