Friday, April 18, 2014

So Much Appreciation

I can't begin to describe the looks on the gals' faces when I showed up with over 60 quilts. My thanks goes out to my Guild members. The Evergreen Piecemakers did not let me down. Over 20 quilts came from this group, and a wonderful group of quiltmakers in the Lady of the Lake Guild sent over 20 quilts. The rest came from Farm Girls Sisters from all over the US. What a wonderful group of people. The people in Oso and Darrington plus the rescuers will all benefit from your donations. Some of the guys and gals working in the mudslide area left their jobs to look for relatives or friends. It's hard, horrible work.
You all sent such wonderful pieces of warmth and comfort. Bless you. I finally feel at peace knowing some help has been delivered.
Everyone--have a blessed Easter holiday. Enjoy your family and friends. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. Live the day!

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