Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Diabetics on my list--what can I make them?

What can I make these people who have diabetes? We often think of making "goodies" for Christmas gifts. This doesn't help my adult friends and family members who have diabetes. I needed to think more savory or just something different. I saw a recipe for a creamer. It called for non-fat dry milk in the recipe. I found a company that dries certain kinds of foods, so.......I checked them out to see if they had dried cream. I didn't want to make a coffee creamer with non-fat milk..sorry...that's YUK! Well, now off we go. I now realize I could make some killer creamer to give these coffee drinkers. The creamer also contains cinnamon known to lower and control blood sugar. Yeah! And, I chose to make it with stevia. Now, we're cooking.....
In order to make 1 batch, I suggest 2. you need 1 cup of the powdered cream (made by Hoosier Farms, found on Amazon), 1/3 cup stevia, 1 teaspoon cinnamon (used Kirkland's Saigon Cinnamon, found at Costco). Mix thoroughly in a small bowl. Scoop into jars. The batch made 1 and a half half-pint jars. So make 2 batches. I kept some for myself. After tasting it, I love the ratio of cinnamon and cream, just not used to the sweetening. May leave out the stevia for me.

My brain kept rolling. What if I put it into small canning jars, wrapped some wire around the bottom of the rings and make a round shape to hold a small spoon! Awesome...tested some wire I had around the house and I can make this work. I love when everything comes together!
Taste: I love it, but not used to anything sweet in my coffee!
Design: It looks great in a canning jar, like a double gift. Who can't use a canning jar? I have the plastic lid on it, so it's usefulness just went up.
In trying the creamer, it stirred and dissolved quickly in my cup of coffee. I'm enjoying it right now. So delicious. I can totally see this in cocoa. Might have to make more.......

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