Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Wow! I thought I would never use the blog to rant, but ranting I must do. I live in a suburban neighborhood. We've had our ups and downs with neighbors but nothing that wasn't solved. Meaning kids renting the house across the street and having wild parties. Police handled that. Neighbor having to take in her mentally incompetent daughter who spray painted everyone's property. Again, enough calls to the police by all neighbors took care of that. She's now back in a group home being taken care of. Those were the biggest battles of all until now!
My neighbor right next door is a yard freak. She's always out in her yard changing something. It's her passion. I respect that, always have. She's also a bit paranoid. She thinks we're spying on her as my kitchen window looks down upon her porch. She doesn't seem to understand, I don't watch her as I have much better things to do. But, it is her perception. And, to add to this, she put bark along our hedge, into my front garden and 12 feet into my yard where I have a rock area. We made the rock area. We like it. My son and his dog were playing out there last week and again, the dog comes limping into the house as his paws are filled with bark. This time he had to see the vet. I kindly ask the neighbor to please ask us before she puts anything onto our property and mentioned about the dog.
Next thing we see is her with a wheelbarrow removing all the bark. Yesterday, an 8 foot high fence went up. She had the property line ascertained by an assayer. Bright green line was drawn. It's still there. Her fence is right beside it. I now have shade, lots of shade. It's the shade that bothers me. My back yard is now almost completely enveloped by shade. She planted several arborvitae several years ago. My gardening days may be over. Bloody shade!
We have 5 huge douglas fir trees in our front yard. Just got an estimate to remove them. Anybody need some wood? I may move and/or plant new fruit trees out front. I own 3/4 of an acre. House takes up a bunch but I have a big yard. Now almost useless--shade. What do I do? Told hubby we have several choices. One, poison the arborvitae---mmmnn, probably not a good idea. Change the front yard to a garden and orchard. He's totally against that. Knowing our neighborhood, he thinks our produce and fruit will be stolen. Good point. Or, move to where no neighbor can shade out yard.
I also have to remove a newly planted cherry tree. It's a dwarf. It's pollinating the neighbor's huge cherry tree and only the rats are enjoying the cherries. They are up so high, we, nor the neighbor can pick them. Problem being, they drop in my yard and I'm dealing with the rats.
I'm up for any suggestions.
Please don't tell me to call her and discuss this. I've already tried. When I do, she insists she can't talk as she's about to go to bed. Mind you, this could be 2 pm.

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  1. I like the ol' kill 'em with kindness saying. It's obvious there is no dealing with the situation so it's probably best to avoid the frustration for your own sake. Sometimes being nice confuses ornery people. You might end up 're-landscaping':) Evaluate where in your yard gets the most sun and build the design around it...or move though that might or might not be an option.
    Just found you through MJ's Farm so will nose around your other posts now.