Friday, March 20, 2015

Tinted Mason Jars

You're supposed to have some mason jars you can no longer use for canning. They've got chips, dings, whatever. Somehow all of mine are in good shape. So I checked the canning jar cupboard and found some real old ones with icky labels. First challenge, remove labels. I did. Gathered up some Mod Podge, high gloss variety, food coloring, some water, a jelly roll pan and popsicle sticks. Make sure your jars are really clean.

You put 1 tablespoon of Mod Podge, 1 teaspoon water and 9 or more drops of food color of your choice in a pint mason jar. My goal was to make some pastel colors. I used a small mixing spoon and mixed and mixed and mixed. It was hard to mix but a little challenging. Then you twirl the color all over the inside of the jar and around the top. You'll lose some so do this over a sink. After completely coating the entire inside of the jar, turn it upside down on top of a popsicle sticks place inside of a jelly roll pan and let it drip. The pan has a lip to contain the extra color mixture that will drip out. Let them sit for at least two hours. Patience my little friend, patience. Heat your oven to 200ยบ. Turn jars right side up and put them on a clean cookie sheet. You're going to bake them for an hour. Under an hour, you might have streaks. Around an hour, nice smooth colored glass. Let them cool completely before touching.
Now you can have some fun decorating them for Spring or Easter.

I did a batch of these for our chapter meeting. Here's how some were decorated.

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