Monday, March 30, 2015

Sourdough goodness

I've been feeding a sourdough starter now for over a month. I noticed it was producing some larger bubbles so I ventured to adjust a favorite bread recipe to use some of my starter. So this bread used some organic sourdough flour from Mary Jane Farms and half organic white whole wheat flour. Both flours would have wild yeast in them adding to the rising factor which is huge when you're using natural yeast. More is better!
To bake this luscious loaf I use my Emile Henri clay pot. I use it in a hot oven, 400ยบ. The pot containing the dough is put in the preheated oven cold. This take about 40 minutes to bake. I then take the lid off and let the bread brown to make a crispy crust. This 4 quart pot holds a 2 pound loaf. That's 6-7 cup flour recipe.
I love how the bread turned out. It looked gorgeous. It's almost gone now. The family men, big and little have been gobbling it up!

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