Friday, September 18, 2015

My Perfect Eggs

I was getting caught up reading some favorite blogs recently and read about a young lady spending quite a bit of time reporting on her love of eggs. She could eat them every meal, every day of the week. Now, I love eggs, too, but would probably not eat them that often or that much!
She ended up using the old fashioned method of getting a pot, boiling water and when bubbles appeared on the bottom of the pot, it was time to put the eggs in. Leaving them for a certain number of minutes, then removing and icing them, produced for her, the perfectly cooked egg.
It got me thinking about water and egg cooking. Needing a fast breakfast many days of the week, I would like a speedier method than the one she did. So just for fun, I filled a small glass Pyrex bowl half full of water.

Dropped in two eggs....

Cook at Power 10 -- 90 seconds. My microwave is a 1000 watt baby...

While they were cooking,  I toasted a slice of pumpernickel bread. It brings out the flavor of the bread.

Scooped the eggs out with a mesh spoon...don't like mushy toast! Drain, baby

Eggs on top, it's time to eat! I love how moist the white of the eggs are and how gooey the yolks have become. They only spread a little. Don't like them very runny. So if you like the way these eggs look, try this method. If you want them runny, cook less;  less gooey, cook more seconds.

Now, in case you need to do another batch, get a whole new bowl and use brand new water. The heated bowl and heated water was hard to use and figure correct time in the microwave. It's just easier to wash another bowl!

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  1. Fantastic! I have never cooked an egg in the microwave and I am going to try this! I too like the white of the egg and that gooey center yoke! Thank you Sylvia for teaching me this! Going to add you to my blog list!