Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jon, the newest angel in heaven

My son, Jon, lost his battle with cancer of the appendix, Sunday August 9th. By the time he was diagnosed last July, 2014, the cancer was in stage 4. He received the best care available. I didn't know the true nature of this cancer until the head oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance told us that no one has survived this type of cancer. He suffered enormous pain, never complained.
I am proud of the man he grew up to be. Warm, genuine, honest, funny, helpful to the nnnth degree, playful, loyal to friends and family. He was adored by his two nephews and would do anything with them and for them.
You can only imagine how they are feeling. We all feel a huge hole has been made in our lives. No matter how often I thought of losing him to this cancer, nothing prepared me for the final words telling me he was gone. We are trying to fill this hole by remembering fun times and beautiful things he did. I hope someday these thoughts will help. I know it's too soon and our feelings are very raw. I ask anyone who cares to please support cancer research. My prayer is that someday, someone will benefit from advanced knowledge which could come from research. None is being done now. Slightly more than 200 people in the world have died from this form of cancer.
God has a new angel. Jon is now a twinkling star in the sky.........

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  1. Oh Sylvia I am send you such warm thoughts right now. My husband lost his mother to cancer when he was 13. Yes, it is so important to gain knowledge and support cancer research! Please hold on to these beautiful memories of your son! Share his story and most of all Thank you for sharing this post. It will touch many people!