Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Goals

We all do this! Make resolutions and how many times do we fulfill them. Last year and the lost my family incurred, I so got the message, "Life is short." I don't want to put off so many things I've done before. If I use divine intervention, or support from family and friends, there are some issues in my life that need changing.
My hobby and sometimes business, quilting, has been often pursued when I need a gift and always in a hurry. The art part of the process suffers. I want to let more creative juices flow and have them take their own time, take their own path. I want joy to come back to the process. What steps am I taking to achieve this? Often chaos has ruled my sewing studio. It was flooded back in October. Just yesterday, flooring was finished in the room and today I can actually enter the studio. While all this time has gone by, I had the opportunity to redraw the room and its contents. I am so excited about the changes I've made. Monday the company who has been storing all the equipment and such, are bringing everything back. It'll be a challenge to deal with how it was stored, but the end result will be my new studio. I've bought some colorful pegboards--they'll reduce any tools that normally haunt my cutting table and the longarm table.

And, once I get the cutting table in the right place, you see the above sitting right above it. My tool containers will look very different than ones you see for pegboards--check these out--
These hook on perfectly and are perfect for marking tools, scissors, rotary cutters, etc. Another addition which will add some awesome color is this utility cart--
And finally, to increase my time in this brightly colored studio--the walls are yellow--oh I mean yellow--a new vintage mini refrigerator is being added--she's adorable--
Can you get excited with me? No junk on the cutting table, no tools laying around the longarm quilting machine. I do have a cubical shelf holding 8 cubes. The cubes are turquoise and red which will hold the massive thread collection I have. Large shelf to hold boxes of fabric. All of this should contain the mess I lived with. Surrounded with color and space, I'm seeing some creative juices flowing.......I won't go hungry or thirsty either :) Fridgie will hold some apples, chilled water, veggies to munch on and whatever lunch I decide for the day. Cream for coffee..........aaah


  1. Great post, I too have been organizing my craft area. It is best to have a tidy space to create. Love the pegboard!

  2. They've turned out to be more useful than I originally thought. I've put everything away and have been sewing like crazy. Love it. Will post more pictures soon.