Monday, May 24, 2010

Bertazzoni Rules

I just heard that the baby Bertazzoni oven will be delivered this coming Friday. I am so excited to receive this little jewel. It has an infrared broiling system and a convection feature. It's going to bake our bread!
Meanwhile, we've started to empty the kitchen cupboards and cull. Some will go to the garage sale and some will go to both kids. Each is getting boxes of extra stuff I've accumulated over the years. Some Blue Willow china and some baking dishes and bowls. The hutch is empty and has a new home. The bowl cupboard is next. Need many more boxes. Are you not envying me now? This is the bad part. I'll be excited to repack the kitchen when it's done. So much depends on other people and their schedules.
Arguing over what stays and what goes hasn't been fun with hubby. He's back to work, so I'll cull in peace this week.

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