Friday, May 21, 2010

Kitchen sinks

The plot thickened when I realized that one can only put a top-mounted sink over Formica. Do not, do not believe any sink manufacturer who will insist that their sink can be flush mounted with Formica or any other laminate countertop. The installers just won't do it. Water getting near the under stuff they use will ruin it. So I have an apron front sink base cabinet that will be repurposed when we create a buffet across the big room the kitchen is part of. I have to find a positive in this whole mess. I've spent days researching sinks. I wanted a one bowl stainless steel deep sink and I finally found one. It's made by Elkay and I found the best bargain dealing with the Ira Woods people online. No shipping charges. Yippee! I'd send a photo for all to peruse but I didn't save one from the web site. It's a big one made for a 36" base cabinet. The other part I haven't mentioned is that when we bought the Kitchen Craft cabinets, the lot came with a regular sink cabinet, so I own two sink base cabinets. So this lovely sink has a home. This has taken way too much time for my own good.

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