Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recipe: The best vinaigrette

Hi everyone,
In between reading about the kitchen redo adventure, I'll include some real good stuff you can make in your kitchen. I was never taught how to cook. Everything I've learned was from either cookbooks, other women, and just the hard way by making mistakes.And then came along the Food Network. Whew! Have I learned a thing or two from the fantastic chefs who reside there.
One thing I've learned from just doing is a fantastic vinaigrette. You must begin with the best tasting extra virgin olive oil you can find. The darker the color of the oil, the fruitier its taste. Wine vinegars are usually in the recipe but I have discovered some wonderful balsamic vinegars, both regular and white, which make great vinaigrettes. The recipe is two parts oil, one part vinegar. Throw in sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, some garlic, finely minced and fresh herbs to your liking. Just plain extra virgin olive oil and your favorite vinegar is all you need. Anything added is pure heaven. Go tasting. See what you find and make your own statement.

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