Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have just ordered a 33" stainless steel sink, 10" deep, one big tub along with a faucet that stand quite tall to slosh around the sink. Both should be so awesome once installed. I've checked on having a pendant light above the island and found one. It'll be the first think seen upon entering this kitchen, so, of course, it needs to make a statement. It's not stainless steel. There's plenty of that in this kitchen. It'll be warmed by the cherry wood cabinets, the red stove, and the dijon mustard paint on the walls. So we're adding metals to wherever we want them.
My current oven is not baking anything very well. Thank goodness its days are numbered. Tried to do a birthday cake for my daughter last weekend. It sunk in the middle despite being cooked at a higher heat and longer. Nothing is coming out of this oven except bread baked at 450ยบ. Weird, huh?
Next purchase is a countertop. Have the stuff picked out. Trying to buy it is become a challenge that shouldn't exist. It's Formica's 180 FX. It looks exactly like granite. When we went to buy it on sale. The salesman would only discuss granite. I don't want granite. It's high maintenance. Even though he mentioned it has a 15 year seal. My understanding from contractors is that the more you cook, the more you clean, the seal wears away in a very short period of time leaving you with an unsealed countertop which still = high maintenance.

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