Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sewing and cooking

Earlier this month, I made a lot of mincemeat. I used a British recipe from last year. It didn't make much and then tried one with meat. Both taste really good. Dying to eat a small pie. No one in my family likes mincemeat. So I have gifts and lots for me. It needs to age a bit. So they are settled in a dark, cool place waiting for future scrumciousness. Not sure that's a word.....
I used to make pumpkin butter and searching the recipe file, I found a good one using apple cider and a good amount of pumpkin. That's the next project. Do you know you can sterilize canning jars in the oven. So fast : 350ºF for 5 minutes. Keep the jars apart so they don't touch each other.
Making stitchery gifts for neighbors and friends. Much to do this time of year.
Anxious to put the Bertazzoni to work cooking our brined turkey. Will keep you advised on the results. It can't do any worse than our old oven which barely cooked.

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