Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's that time again. Busy doing cooking, shopping, making gifts, etc. We need to stop and literally smell the roses. Go out and buy some! Take care of yourself and you'll make it through so you can enjoy the season. I love the smell of freshly cut Douglas fir trees. The first days our cut tree is in the house is spectacular. Aromas take us back to our childhood where we truly loved the holidays. I love to see my grandkids' eyes light up when they see decorations, the tree and presents. When they first walk into my kitchen, Kenny gasps at what he smells. He's imagining all kinds of fun things to eat. The little one just sniffs the air and smiles. Soon it will be Christmas. Say a prayer for those who can't be with family, have no family and have no food. Give to a food bank.
So tomorrow, we'll say thanks. But we should say it everyday. Gratitude makes one feels so well and happy.
Take care all of you.

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