Sunday, December 5, 2010

dessert for Christmas

I just won on Ebay a brilliant red cake stand. I now need to make a brilliant cake. I'm hungry for chocolate, dark chocolate, cinnamon and maybe some espresso powder thrown in. I figured out--that resembles a Mexican chocolate cake. Do anyone have a favorite recipe for me? Has anyone made a chocolate-rum cake? I own the Cake Doctor book and have found some incredible frostings for a chocolate cake.
We've always done a prime rib dinner but this year we're considering a smoked ham. This harkens back to my childhood when my family had ham for Christmas dinner. It was a day for pork. My grandmother made vinha d'alhos and handed each member of her family their share on Christmas Eve. We celebrated her birthday then. We were allowed to open her gift and it was always something sweet. She was always something sweet unless you messed with her fishing stories. That's another blog! Meanwhile, don't get too stressed out before Christmas.
Are you impressed with my alma mater? Go Oregon Ducks. So proud of that football team.

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