Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New baby quilt to make

Finally a dear friend had a baby girl! I've had to make so many baby boy quilts in the last few years I was beginning to wonder "where are the girls?"

Hubby's birthday is approaching rapidly. He's getting Julia's Child's Boeuf Bourguignon for his birthday dinner, with roasted potatoes, not boiled like JC suggested and chocolate cake from scratch so I can control the sugar and flour. JC's recipe takes most of a day to make. The result is worth it. If you don't have her book, Vol I, get it.
January 10th is the big day in this house. Both hubby and I are University of Oregon graduates. Our football team is playing for a national championship. Our house will be filled with fellow Ducks to cheer on our team. You won't see me at the Guild meeting. So sorry! Don't call, we probably won't be ansering the phone until the game is over. It begins at 5 pm. A soup pot will be on. That's all I've figured so far.

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