Friday, January 14, 2011

Quilting & Cooking

Still exploring the new stove. I'm just not used to something that actually performs so well, it's almost mind-boggling. A birthday in the family resulted in a couple of chocolate cakes being made. I used my cream cheese frosting recipe. It tastes so good with very little confectioner's sugar. It has butter, of course, along with the cream cheese, so what's not to like?
Love to make soup this time of year. It warms you up from the inside. Have you heard of Mac & Cheese soup? Just a sloppy version of actually Mac & Cheese. More milk and less cheese. You can add as much cheese as you like and combine a bunch of cheeses. Why be boring? That's what's on the menu tonight. Fry up some long chicken strips mingled in some hot sauce. Have some blue cheese dressing or put some blue cheese with some mayonnaise and garlic to dunk. A fresh green salad should complete the dinner.

Quilting project that's taken me back in time. Over 12 years ago I made up some kits called Scrappy Four Patch. It made a decent baby quilt. It was filled with 1930 repro fabrics from a nursery rhyme line and muslin. Found two kits and opened one. Been following the directions I wrote long ago. Everything's going fine,. I'll include a photo when done. I"m changing the border because I can. It's gone together fast. my goal is to use up fabric, lots of fabric.

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