Monday, March 7, 2011

pan bread

I've created a recipe for a quick yeast pan bread. Yes, you use a 9 x13" pan greased with extra virgin olive oil known as evoo. If you use bread flour and or/ white whole wheat flour, the dough is stiff and won't spread out into the pan. It'll have to be eased into shape and will look quite lumpy, which doesn't effect its taste. But, use all purpose flour, known as ap. Add two teaspoons of your favorite herb mixture and 1 cup of diced or shredded cheese of choice. I used smoky mozzarella but will use grated goat cheese tonight. The mozzarella was not enough flavor in the bread. By itself, it's fantastic to eat, but it lost a lot of flavor baked in the bread. If you're going to call it Herb and Cheese bread, you should be able to taste both. Neither showed up in the first trial. When I create a recipe, it goes through many test runs until the final product is reached. My family gobbled it up without taking a breath. Good sign. It only takes an hour and a half to make. Flour to table in less than two hours is a very good recipe. It uses more yeast than usual but the yeast has a lot to do in less time than normal. Will keep you posted about trial #2.
Good eats!

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