Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is Father's Day and what is hubby doing? Messing with his motor home...!!!!!! It's his baby. Water is leaking into a side compartment and wrecked his baby BBQ. We've purchased a small BBQ known as a Toolbox. It has a lot of cooking space and mega BTUs for its size. Excellente.
Now school will be out soon, summer will begin.  Garden has taken off this year due to sun days and gentle rains. A lovely combination for a spring.
New furnace has been in. Our house now maintains a constant temperature all over. Quite a change. We're are enjoying it so much. It's a York furnace. Our research led us to this one and the company. Loved their whole approach. I can so recommend this furnace and Washington Energy Services.
The menu today includes a crab, avocado, peach and argula salad, steak, baked beans, pugulese bread, and a chocolate cake with whipped cream. None of which are on my diet. So what!

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